100% of digital album sales of "Strangely free" will be donated to the following:


Why are you donating your album sales to these organizations?

Short answer: The  upcoming administration led by President elect Trump poses as the biggest threat to human rights and the environment in our lifetime, nationally and globally.  As a musician, this is one way I can contribute to organizations that I believe are upholding our rights, serving communities in need, speaking for the disenfranchised, and doing good and necessary work on behalf of all of us.  

Longer answer: The United States has a long and vicious history of state sanctioned violence, fear mongering through controlled media, Manifest Destiny mentality and white supremacy.  And throughout our history, any attempts to hold  our leaders accountable to this legacy of violence has been generally met with cloaks of denial, condescension, suppression, or apathy.  To me it is no surprise that someone like Trump has been able to seize power.  He's a loudmouth braggart whereas his predecessors have worked in secret.  He's not turning his back on us like previous leaders have, he's actively trying to destroy us.  So enough is enough.  Seriously.  We are staring at the abyss and our nasty, ugly and brutal history is staring back at us in the form of this current demagogue.  Our need for cultural healing goes far deeper than this present situation and this problematic man.  My hope is that out of this nightmare scenario, honest conversations about historical and contemporary injustices begin to occur.  We are collectively pushed against the wall and we can no longer deny how incredibly wounded this country is and how it continues to wound so many people, the Earth, the Water, and the Air.  These organizations and movements have been fighting, giving and educating well before Trump.  This is my small way of making sure they survive and thrive for the next 4 to 8 years.  We have a lot of work to do.

How did you choose these organizations?

It was incredibly difficult to narrow this list down to 10 organizations and movements.  There are so many good ones out there!  I did my best to be as inclusive as possible.  My goal was to include a good mix of grassroots organizations, ongoing social justice movements, and organizations dedicated to protecting civil liberties.  I chose organizations representing groups who will be the most likely be targeted during the first wave of the new administration: people of color, women, the working class, the working poor,  the homeless, the undocumented, incarcerated people, Muslims, LGBTQI communities, the disabled, and the Earth itself.  I would love to include many more organizations on this list!  You can help me by donating and just as importantly spreading the word.  The more money I raise, the more organizations I can eventually donate to.

Are you prioritizing certain organizations on this list over others?  Can I choose which one I donate to?

No.  I will be donating the same amount to every organization based on the overall amount I collect from donors.  In the future, I may donate based on the size of the organization and other factors but right now I want to get as much money to all of these organizations as quickly as possible.

Why shouldn't I just donate directly to these organizations?

You should!  I encourage that!  But having me donate on your behalf gives you an EP to listen to in return.  That's pretty cool, yeah?  Also, instead of having to put your money in one, or maybe two organizations, you will be donating to 10.  In that way, your dollar will go further to support a lot more people.

How will I know you actually donated to these organizations? 

I will send you a thank you email for your contributions.  Once I've received a good amount of donations ($1000 is the initial goal), I will email you donation confirmations so you can see for yourself!  I will also be regularly updating on my blog.