Albums that I dig

1: Syrinx -Syrinx

So this is just one track off of this gorgeous album.  If you like it I encourage you to go on the Web and find the rest or even better yet, buy the vinyl.  Syrinx was an avant-garde, early electronic project created by John Mills-Cockell (composer, keyboardist), Doug Pringle (saxophonist), and Alan Wells (percussionist).  The band, particularly John Mills-Cockell, was very active in the DIY electronic movement happening in Toronto in the early 70s.  They were deeply inspired by LSD and innovations in music technology, being one of the first projects to adopt Moog synthesizers.  This album is a great snapshot of musicians who were exploring the frontiers of sound in that era.

Most people that I've shared this album with say that it sounds like video game music.  I can totally hear this being the soundtrack to an RPG or a whimsical side scroller video game like Little Nemo, if such things existed in 1970.  "Syrinx" makes me feel like I'm at a fair, on mushrooms, sitting in a cloud chariot and all of the fair goers look like Kirby and other round delicate creatures.  There is absolutely not one moment of harshness on this record.  It's mellow but it takes you on a really far out journey.  Drugs or no drugs, if tripping is your thing let this be your soundtrack.  

I recommend this especially to folks who enjoy early Brian Eno and Terry Riley.  

RVNG INTL. just reissued the entire Syrinx catalog on vinyl.  If you dig this you might want to consider owning everything this band put out.