Andrea with guitar

Dre Genevieve, born Andrea Genevieve Barkley, is an Oakland California based musician, songwriter, artist and activist.  She is best known for her psychedelic and prog rock bands Purple Rhinestone Eagle (PRE) and Queen Crescent.   Dre's bands have shared the stage with such great acts as  Nik Turner's Hawkwind, Hot Lunch, Mondo Drag, Morgan Delt, The Younger Lovers, New Bloods, and Limp Wrist.  Both PRE and Queen Crescent garnered much acclaim in underground, independent, and mainstream media.  Albums such as PRE's "The Great Return" and Queen Crescent's self-titled debut astonished both press and fans, challenging long held notions about what female musicians are sonically capable of achieving in genres not often associated with women.  At the heart of these bands, Genevieve's  song writing abilities and remarkable guitar playing skills were always a major creative driving force.

Originating from rust belt city Buffalo, NY, Dre built her first homemade "guitar" at the age of 7 out of rubber bands and a disposable cup holder she found in the back of her mom's car. From there on in she began composing little songs to tease her brother any time they went for a ride, much to his chagrin.  At age 10 she began singing in choirs.  At age 15 she officially started  playing guitar. By her early 20s she had joined her first two bands, a hardcore punk band called Pigs Will Pay and a post riot grrrl band called Wir Tanzen.  Although these early bands played little more than basement house shows, it exposed Genevieve to the rush of playing in front of live audiences.  Once onstage she fell in love with performing.

 After years of song writing, touring, and performing with her many projects, Genevieve recorded her first solo EP, "Strangely Free" in November 2016 (Eye Vybe Records).  The album was recorded in 3 days by Tim Green (Comets on Fire, Melvins, Sleater Kinney) at Louder Studios in Grass Valley, CA.  Genevieve played the majority of instruments on the album, a significant departure from being in bands that relied heavily on collaboration.  Peppered throughout the album, however, are the vocal talents of backup singers Ariana Jade (Hedersleben, Nik Turner's Hawkwind), Lea de las Lobas (Nick Waterhouse), and Natalie Alyse (Nick Waterhouse, Slipping Into Darkness).  Genevieve is donating 100% of digital album sales to the victims of the recent Oakland fire.  

Although guitar is her main instrument, Dre also explores sounds with piano, synthesizers, bass, melodica, recorder and various other instruments.  Currently she is being mentored and instructed by Grammy nominated jazz musician India Cooke ("Red Handed", Sun Ra Arkestra).  

Besides her solo work, Dre has two upcoming music projects on the horizon.  One a music collaboration with ex-Queen Crescent drummer Amy Martinez; the other a new band is with the aforementioned vocalist Ariana Jade.  

When not making music, Genevieve paints, writes, and does everything she can to stay majorly stoked about being alive.


Photographer: Astra Brinkmann

Musician: Dre Genevieve